Bulgaria ranked number four for Add-on sales

12 Mar 2015

For the 11th consecutive year, Better Business Worldwide collected data from mystery shopping visits, conducted in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. The data was collected by mystery shopping providers, members of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association). The companies prepare a report, which tracks the level of service in different industries. It is the seventh year since Bulgaria and the Bulgarian company Client X have taken part in the Smiling report.

  • Делегати на уъркшопа на MSPA позират за обща снимка

Client-X shares experience with other European agencies

04 Jan 2015

In December 2014, MSPA organised a workshop in Cologne, Germany. Among the topics of the event were: introduction to new research techniques, combined instruments for measuring customer satisfaction and the quality of the services that are offered. The Client X team was presented by our Senior Researcher Juliana Goranova.