Where are we in the international rankings for queuing, and is it something to do with the crisis?

04 Sep 2012

In times of crisis we hang around much more in queues. On average, in Bulgaria, we waste almost five minutes waiting in the shop, fast food restaurant, pharmacy or in the bank. These are the results from the fourth mystery shoppers survey of queues, which took place in 2012, organized by MSPA Europe (Mystery Shopping Providers Association). The study covers 24 countries and Bulgaria ranks 16th for waiting in different places.

Mystery Shoppers in business - TV interview

02 Nov 2011

In conditions of growing competition, companies strive to achieve higher customer satisfaction. One way is to use the "mystery shopper". The service is in demand among a wide range of companies - banks, car dealerships, mobile operators and others. This is a method for assessing the quality of the service of employees. Mystery Shoppers visit different commercial outlets, looking for certain services, and share their impressions in specially-designed questionnaires.

Client X measures the time we spend waiting in queues

05 Aug 2010

In Bulgaria we spend the longest time waiting in banks and the queues for service keep growing. This is the conclusion from all the data collected during research in 24 countries, in which the Bulgarian company Client X participated. The data was announced by the CEO of the Company, Zlatizar Zlatev, and senior researcher Juliana Goranova.