Client X. Hands-on market intelligence.

We are passionate about mystery shopping but our expertise extends to other key areas of market research and consumer behaviour. Helping our clients get a fresh perspective on their market, their customers and the competition since 2006.

Who We Are

We are among the first mystery shopping providers in Bulgaria, offering an efficient tool for measuring customer satisfaction and client-facing staff performance. We are open-minded and quickly adapt to ever-changing market dynamics. Our solutions are tailored to meet specific business goals and provide new insights into customer behaviour. We understand our clients and work hard to live up to their needs and expectations.

We are flexible and proactive when it comes to understanding clients’ needs and helping them solve their biggest challenges. We believe in fair communication and teamwork, which foster creative thinking and yield measurable, impactful results. We are committed to providing the highest quality service, up to industry and client standards. We always strive for total customer satisfaction by delivering work we are all proud of.

Our History

  • MSPA Elite Member 2018
  • MSPA Elite Member 2017
  • Macedonia
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