• Smiling report Client X 2020

Smiling Report 2020: North America smiles and greets the most while there is a worldwide tendency of increasing the add-on sales

21 May 2020

MSPA Europe/Africa has released the 2020 Smiling Report for 16th year in a row. The 2020 report provides a summary of almost five million answers to questions focusing on Smile, Greeting and Add-on Sales metrics from 68 countries during 2019. Client X took part in the survey for 11-th year presenting the data collected by mystery shoppers in Bulgaria.

New Year’s Resolution 2019

11 May 2020

Another year has come to its end and for Client X once again it has been filled with a variety of projects and work engagements. At the end of it we are all making our resolutions – what we have achieved, how much we have learned and what more there is to learn.

What is it like to work with Client X?

11 May 2020

Over the last few years „mystery shopping“ has become one of the most popular ways of earning money. Nowadays there are number of agencies, each one of them offering you to join their team. If you are just discovering the world of mystery shopping and exploring all the possibilities, it is difficult to find out which agency is worth working with and whether to choose Client X. At the end of last year, we conducted a survey amongst our mystery shoppers to measure their level of satisfaction and to mark the main challenges concerning our work together. We present you a few short aspects of the survey.