Precise, reliable, ongoing, measurable…

We do attitude and usage surveys, customer satisfaction and market segmentation research. Quantitative data is collected from a representative sample of the general public or shortlists of current customers and prospects. It can be an ad-hoc survey or a tracking program (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual).

Our key team member is a certified Net Promoter Associate. We can help implement a Net Promoter Score™ program for your business and run a Net Promoter Score™ customer experience survey.

Benefits of Quantitative Research

  • Provide relevant, measurable, numerical data
  • Reality-check key assumptions
  • Obtain accurate and objective results
  • Scalability of results based on sufficient size and diverse composition of samples
  • High reliability of collected data


  • Brand awareness
  • Attitude & Usage research


  • Market segmentation
  • Positioning
  • Market analysis


  • Concept Testing
  • Pricing research
  • Advertising research


  • Customer satisfaction & Loyalty tracking
  • KPI analysis
  • NPS

Attitude & Usage

A valuable tool for understanding the marketplace appeal of a product and the sale opportunities within a targeted consumer group. Usage and attitude studies focus on the frequency of product use, frequency of product purchase, user attitudes in terms of strengths, weaknesses and features missing that would be desirable. Though traditionally associated with goods, U&A surveys are equally applicable to services.


  • Study the who-what-when-where-how dynamics of a product category or market
  • Measure brand loyalty and what drives it (key driver analysis)
  • Understand how behaviour and usage varies by brand
  • Provide insights into why consumers buy specific brands (and what those consumers have in common)
  • Identify gaps between needs and performance (opportunities)
  • Benchmark brand performance against the competition
  • Explore opportunities through detailed analysis of lifestyle, media diet, information channels, attitudes
  • Set the stage for a customer segmentation study

Client X Approach

Client X carries out Usage and Attitude (U&A) studies to measure and analyse consumer attitudes and usage behaviours for specific brands, categories, or markets.

Before we launch a U&A survey, we try to identify a set of key variables, assumptions, and questions related to customer experience with a particular product or service.

A well-designed and expertly implemented U&A study will reveal important new information and offer consumer and business market insights, letting you seize opportunities and gain an edge on the competition.

Who are the consumers (demographics)
How big is the market? How much potential it has
Behaviours, beliefs, lifestyle and media diet
What are they using (products / brands)
Usage history and trends
Which brand has the biggest market share
Which brand has the biggest potential to grow and sustain
Usage and purchase occasions, choice and needs
Which occasions are driving the highest volumes
Where do usage occasions occur? The influence of location on needs and wants
Retail choices and behaviours
How relevant are brands? What are the key drivers of the market? How can we leverage growth?

Net Promoter Score

NPS is an indicator of customer satisfaction breaking down your customer base into promoters and detractors, in terms of how likely they are to recommend your company or your products/services. It’s a very useful metric, which can help you focus on practices and processes that maximize promoters and minimize detractors.


  • Simplicity. Net Promoter surveys typically require just two or three questions. They are not about complex issues and relationships. A Net Promoter score can be broken down by business line, by store, by product, even by individual customer-service rep.
  • Ease of use. Can be done over phone, e-mail or web — whichever has the best response rates and the most relevant data. Scores can be quickly compiled and posted, to make performance results instantly available.
  • Quick follow-up. NPS practitioners can typically share customer feedback very quickly after it is received. Helps frontline supervisors and senior management make informed decisions.
  • A growing body of experience. Thousands of companies in different sectors have adopted NPS, including industry leaders like Apple and Philips.
  • Adaptability. An open-source method. No premium suppliers or “black box” statisticians required. NPS can be easily deployed in almost any business setting.

Client X Approach

Client X works with clients to design questionnaires including the “likely to recommend” question, as well as other relevant key statements.

Our expert analysis of NPS data provides insights into the drivers of promotion and detraction, tailored to your specific product / service and type of business sector. Identifying these drivers helps clients manage resources to raise their NPS.

Client X provides in-depth analysis of custom sets of socio-demographic cross-sections, so clients have a sense of the potential impact of increasing their NPS.

Enthusiastic about you
Increase their purchases
are Loyal customers
Refer you to colleagues/friends
Satisfied but Unenthusiastic about you
Not loyal towards you and your products
can be easily attracted by competition
Feel badly treated by you
Cut back on purchases
Switch to competition
Warn others to stay away from you