Our Team

Everyone at Client X believes in demonstrating a “one team” attitude, focused on quality and driven by results. Our committed and competent staff brings years of knowledge and experience in marketing, research, statistics and client service. Meet the team…

  • Juliana Goranova Managing Director

    I joined Client X in 2008, after a few years at the MBMD Institute of Social Surveys and Marketing. I’m a researcher by trade, dreamer and adventurer by heart. A BA in Sociology from the Plovdiv University was followed by a MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology at the CEU in Budapets, where a broader perspective and enhanced knowledge and skills came with lots of new friends, who are still looking forward to the martenitzas I send every year in March. I am a Senior Researcher and Project Manager at Client X. I handle client relations, as well as work on the tools for different types of research (scripts, questionnaires). I moderate focus groups, process and analyse survey data, and report results.

  • Snezhina Boneva Researcher

    I joined the Client X team in 2017 after I had graduated with a master’s degree in Marketing from Queen Mary, University of London. Before going to the UK, I had obtained a bachelor’s degree in English and American Studies at Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“. During this time, I realized what an important role marketing plays in a society’s culture. To finish my master’s dissertation, I had to learn how to use statistical research and apply it to my work. Thus, I started working at Client X, where I managed to develop my skills in statistics and client satisfaction.

  • Krasimir Mihaylov Senior Field Officer

    I’ve worked here since 2010. It’s a great team, an exciting and dynamic job, bringing out your best when responding to clients’ needs. I believe one needs to embrace challenges and be creative and proactive to make a difference in the corporate world. These are the qualities I’m trying to cultivate, both personally and professionally. I consider it a mission to deliver quality, and do it on time. Using new tools and trying out new ideas can be as rewarding as producing actual results. As long as one’s face-to-face with clients, and face-to-face with the team, there’re no impossible tasks, there’re exciting challenges.

  • Silviya Shelyavska Field Officer

    I have worked in the agency since early 2016 -- firstly as a project supervisor, and now as a fieldwork manager in mystery shopping research. I monitor and support the mystery shoppers making sure they deliver high-quality work and follow our clients' specific requirements. I love travelling and take any opportunity to visit favourite and new places: the Czech Republic and Vienna for the architecture and atmosphere, and Italy for the food.

  • Kiril Ivanov Field Officer

    I'm studying Statistics and it's important to me that numbers reach customers in a way anybody can understand. I've been with the team since 2016. My responsibilities span across various tasks: from coordinating auditors and interviewers on field to ensuring the quality of data and its presentation. I like spending my leisure time with friends and I love taking walks.

  • Our agents in the field Mystery Shoppers

    More than eight hundred, and counting, interviewers and mystery shoppers in multiple locations nationwide and the SEE region. A diverse but balanced group of committed, highly-trained and hard-working individuals. We call them our eyes and ears in the field. Observant, objective, on the spot.