Your customers. Your market. Your client-facing staff

The Client X web-based platform provides 24/7 at-a-glance access to your current and historical survey data. Advanced reports and analysis put your clients, product performance, sales and customer-facing staff at your fingertips. We have 800+ mystery shoppers in the field, in 200+ locations in Bulgaria and the SEE region.

A tool used by market research professionals and businesses alike to measure quality of service and client-facing staff’s performance to standards. We collect hands-on information about products and services, compliance with regulation, or specific performance indicators. The data is gathered and processed in our web-based platform, with custom reports and analysis securely available to our clients 24/7. Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks, including actual purchases, engaging client representatives, purchase returns and filing complaints, followed by a detailed report summarising their experience.

Benefits of mystery shopping

The why and how

The timing and design of mystery shopping visits mirror real situations your clients and staff are likely to be in.

Scenarios are realistic and designed to obtain a snapshot of how things work and look at the location.

Mystery shopping visits are based on a set of agreed performance indicators. From an ethical perspective, it would be appropriate to let your stuff know their performance will be measured periodically, but they shouldn’t be warned about the time of actual mystery shopping visits.

Mystery shopping reports are based on measurable indicators, to reduce speculative interpretation and subjective judgement to a minimum.

When reporting back to the client, the results and findings related to client service are relevant to a specific employee – the one that the mystery shopper has named in their evaluation form.

Mystery shopping reports and findings should not be used as grounds for reprimand or punishment of employees, but solely to identify training and personnel development needs.

All reports and analysis are only made available to the organisation that commissioned the mystery shopping program.

The Client X Advantages

Mystery shopping surveys monitor and measure client service and staff performance to a set of standards / procedures.

Client-X has developed and continues to upgrade its own Internet-based software platform for gathering, processing and analysing data submitted by mystery shoppers. Our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Secure access to mystery shopping reports, 24/7;
  • Constant and reliable online access to current and historical data;
  • Full compatibility with MS Excel and Adobe Reader;
  • Ability to compare results across multiple locations and a wide range of other criteria;
  • Access to the questionnaires of individual mystery shoppers;
  • Real-time uploads and updates;
  • Ability to filter / eliminate subjective and personal factors in data analysis;
  • Continuous support and adding new features to meet client needs and keep up with market dynamics.