Client X. Hands-on market intelligence.

Helping our clients deliver a superior customer experience through a powerful combination of mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys. We push the boundaries of traditional marketing research – exploring new tools and techniques to drive measurable results.

Client Oriented

We are flexible and proactive when it comes to understanding clients’ needs and helping them solve their biggest challenges.


We believe in fair communication and teamwork, which foster creative thinking and yield measurable, impactful results.


We are committed to providing the highest quality service, up to industry and client standards. We always strive for total customer satisfaction by delivering work we are all proud of.


We believe that mutual respect is essential to a successful partnership. We know trust is built over time and can only be earned by observing the highest ethical and professional standards.

We are committed to helping our clients meet their business goals through tailored solutions and expert insight.
We base our long-term strategy on what we do best, customer satisfaction market research, but we are open to new ideas and dare to try new things. We grow with our clients.
We are among the first mystery shopping providers in Bulgaria, offering an efficient tool for measuring customer satisfaction and client-facing staff performance. We are open-minded and quickly adapt to ever-changing market dynamics. Our solutions are tailored to meet specific business goals and provide new insights into customer behaviour. We understand our clients and work hard to live up to their needs and expectations.

Ethical principles and Privacy protection

Our work is guided by the ethical codes and good business practices, established by the international organizations that we are members of:

MSPA – the international Mystery Shopping Providers Association. In accordance with the Code, Client X always strives towards objective results and ethical completion of tasks by careful and respectul treatment of all clients, their employees and mystery shoppers. The full documents are available below:
MSPA Guidelines - applicable in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America Regions
Applying the Code (MSPA Code Professional Standards and Ethical Conduct)
Best Business Practices

ESOMAR – the world organization of the companies providing marketing research and opinion polls. Following the Ethical Code, Client X always puts efforts in guaranteeing independent, transparent and accurate results yet respecting the respondents’ anonimity. You can read the full document here:

Privacy protection

In addition, Client X has been registered nationally as a privacy protection administrator since 2009. The agency is under the supervision of the Commission for Personal Data Protection in Bulgaria and complies with the law for storing and processing each mystery shopper’s information. We guarantee that no such data will be ever shared to third parties without the express written consent of each of our associates.

Since May, 25-th, 2018 a new data protection legislation was introduced in EU, known as GDPR. We, at Client X, believe that the data protection of our mystery shoppers and clients is of a great importance to establish a successful and long-term cooperation. We share with you our documents establishing the data protection we offer, including what kind of personal data we collect, why and for how long. These documents are in Bulgarian, as we can contract only Bulgarian citizens. Still, if you are interested to know more, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Data Protection Officer in Client X is Eva Georgieva. You can address her with any inquiries regarding your data protection rights using this email:

Certificate from CPDP