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Do salespeople greet us with a smile?

13 Nov 2018

A bTV news report stated the results from an international research which Client X participated in. The goal of the survey was to measure how frequently we were greeted as customers, whether the employees smiled at us and if they offered us additional products in the retail outlets we visited.

Based on the data, the share of employees in Bulgaria who cover these basic requirements for customer service is increasing. In 2017 the mystery shoppers were greeted with a smile in 94% of the cases, while the same criteria measured 10 years ago was 67%.

  • Juliana Goranova answers questions about mystery shopping in Bulgaria for TV Evropa

Getting paid to go shopping and munching, or mystery shopping as a profession

25 Oct 2018

Juliana Goranova, manager of Client X, tells the TV Europe broadcast team about mystery shopping as a job which could be both a pleasant activity and an extra income opportunity. The assigned tasks may vary – from bank loan inquiry to eating in a restaurant.

Watch the video and learn what the mystery check looks like and what advantages this survey method offers – both for the companies and the consumers. You will also hear the opinion of a mystery shopper – what he gets from the job as a mystery shopper and why he chose it.

Is “mystery shopping” a mystery in Bulgaria?

12 Jun 2014

What does it mean to be a “mystery shopper”? This occupation is still relatively new in Bulgaria. While it is starting to gain popularity in Sofia and other big cities, there are many places where people have not heard about this opportunity yet.

If you are one of them, or if you are considering applying to be a mystery shopper, you are probably asking yourself this question:

Where are we in the international rankings for queuing, and is it something to do with the crisis?

04 Sep 2012

In times of crisis we hang around much more in queues. On average, in Bulgaria, we waste almost five minutes waiting in the shop, fast food restaurant, pharmacy or in the bank. These are the results from the fourth mystery shoppers survey of queues, which took place in 2012, organized by MSPA Europe (Mystery Shopping Providers Association). The study covers 24 countries and Bulgaria ranks 16th for waiting in different places.

Mystery Shoppers in business - TV interview

02 Nov 2011

In conditions of growing competition, companies strive to achieve higher customer satisfaction. One way is to use the "mystery shopper". The service is in demand among a wide range of companies - banks, car dealerships, mobile operators and others. This is a method for assessing the quality of the service of employees. Mystery Shoppers visit different commercial outlets, looking for certain services, and share their impressions in specially-designed questionnaires.