• Mystery Shopping isn’t going away!  It has an invaluable role to play!

The value of Mystery Shopping in the Big Data era*

08 Dec 2015

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, an ever-growing number of customer feedback opportunities are within reach of the majority of businesses. In the age of Big Data, it’s become commonplace for businesses to glean real-time information about the experience of their customers electronically.   

However, while Big Data may have earned recognition for helping operators gauge overall brand health, the critical micro-data feed is increasingly in danger of being overlooked. 

  • Acting natural – this is the key to not being revealed as a mystery shopper. (The photo, of course, does not show the author of the text.)

How the mystery shopper must remain “mysterious”

12 Nov 2015

Here is the text by Ms N. T. from Plovdiv region, working as an administrative assistant. She has been an unrecognizable* mystery shopper since 2013.

The mystery shopper is just like the next guy in the store, but more perceptive, yet not suspicious.

Mystery shoppers are all ears for a simple “Thank you”, “Excuse me” or “How can I help you?”. They “have eyes” for details such as an employee’s polite gesture, a welcoming look or a smile.

  • It’s the consumer stupid; go find out what real people are up to!

The Price of Convenience: The sense and nonsense of listening to consumers*

06 Nov 2015

Questioning ordinary people’s contribution to marketing is akin to Pussy Riot challenging Putin’s rule in a church – it’s heresy. Yet neuropsychology, behavioural economics and more recently Byron Sharp suggest that our notion of consumer-centricity and what it means to ‘listen’ to people are based on a naïve concept of human beings and the world we live in.