Client X on bTV with a commentary on the Smiling Report

Ana Godinova, researcher at Client X, commented for a bTV report that Bulgaria scored fourth in Europe when measuring the add-on sales efforts.  A little more than half of the shoppers (52%) were offered an additional product. This is just one of the conclusions from the Smiling Report, a yearly initiative by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Client X contributed data for the seventh consecutive year.

87% of the mystery shoppers were greeted, in 80% of the cases the greeting was accompanied with a smile. In other words, the employees behave courteously, but do not always smile. Watch the full report below (in Bulgarian).

"Competition raises the level of service, but smiles are few" (in Bulgarian) – bTV, 13.04.2015


For more on the topic, here are the full results as an infographic, made by Client X.