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Do salespeople greet us with a smile?

A bTV news report stated the results from an international research which Client X participated in. The goal of the survey was to measure how frequently we were greeted as customers, whether the employees smiled at us and if they offered us additional products in the retail outlets we visited.

Based on the data, the share of employees in Bulgaria who cover these basic requirements for customer service is increasing. In 2017 the mystery shoppers were greeted with a smile in 94% of the cases, while the same criteria measured 10 years ago was 67%.

Approximately 5 out of 10 customers (52%) receive a proposal for an additional product, with no deviation from the trendline during recent years. Iva Gospodinova, Senior Researcher at Client X, added that even though, as customers, we might feel like those offers are tedious, they are very relevant in many cases and would be good for the customer.

(c) Screenshtot from the bTV report: Do salespeople greet us with a smile? .

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