Is “mystery shopping” a mystery in Bulgaria?

What does it mean to be a “mystery shopper”? This occupation is still relatively new in Bulgaria. While it is starting to gain popularity in Sofia and other big cities, there are many places where people have not heard about this opportunity yet.

If you are one of them, or if you are considering applying to be a mystery shopper, you are probably asking yourself this question:

What does a “mystery shopper” really do?

“Mystery shoppers” are people who get paid to shop. Using their observations, they fill out a special report which the companies can use to keep track of the level of customer satisfaction in specific stores, as well as overall satisfaction. They can therefore conclude whether their employees reach the companies’ standards regarding customer service and attitude towards customers.

Find out more about the mystery of “mystery shopping” in this interview with the manager of one of the leading marketing companies in the field – Client X : "Burgas dnes i utre", 12.06.2014, Issue 5487, Year XXII, p. 6 (in Bulgarian). You can read the full publication in several local papers (in Bulgarian).