• Iva Gospodinova from Client X on Nova TV commenting on how companies utilize mystery shopping to improve customer service

Client X on Nova TV: Quality of service matters

Iva Gospodinova, senior researcher at Client X, was a guest on NOVA TV’s show “Na kafe” with Gala. She commented on how companies control the quality of service through mystery shoppers, who typically commissions mystery shopping research and how Bulgaria scored in a global survey of smiling sales agents. The show was co-hosted by the Bulgarian actor and producer Bashar Rahal who shared his own experiences being a customer and why the sales assistants’ attitude and behavior matter in general.

Meanwhile, a reporter interviewed a mystery shopper with Client X on one of Sofia’s trendiest streets, Vitosha Boulevard. What a mystery shopper does, what they need to observe and how to act during sales interaction – these were some of the questions he addressed while preparing for a shop.

Back in the studio, Iva pointed that the survey results aim to identify and promote the best employees. Any shortcomings only signal that further training is needed. The mission of the mystery shopper is not to sanction “low performers”, but to measure, and ultimately, to improve the quality of service. And we all benefit from it – the business on one hand and the customers on the other.

You can watch the show on the NovaPlay platform (in Bulgarian): "Na kafe", episode 115, season 8, aired on Feb 16, 2017

Images: NovaPlay 2017