New Year’s Resolution 2019

Another year has come to its end and for Client X once again it has been filled with a variety of projects and work engagements. At the end of it we are all making our resolutions – what we have achieved, how much we have learned and what more there is to learn.

Telephones are still trendy

The beginning of 2019 was a true marathon of quantitative researches in our telephone studio – we successfully reached more than 6 000 users in only three months. Our regular projects consisted of phone interviews have also increased which necessitated the rapid adoption and practical application of the new rules on personal data protection in this type of interviews.

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Real, however „mystery“ shoppers

Among our numerous "mystery shopper" projects we have added new clients as well. We gained experience with some of the most difficult mystery shopper checks to be completed– finding mystery users who actually correspond to a very narrow profile and who can make a real application for very specific loans. Otherwise, we all know about the rest of it: this year we have been driving cars, changing joinery, looking for a new smartphone, choosing new furniture, opening bank accounts, complaining about the electricity provider, eating salads, visiting the hair stylist, replacing defective appliances – just as we do in real life. And so, together with our associates – the mystery shoppers, we managed to complete more than 10 thousand mystery checks for 2019.

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We are glad that we managed to get international recognition again – Client X remains the only company in Bulgaria for mystery shoppers, which for the third year in a row was awarded with the title of Elite Member of MSPA (the international association of the companies specializing in mystery shopper research). At a ceremony during the MSPA's annual conference in Split, Croatia, Client X received a statuette and recognition from the international colleagues. Our desire is to continue to improve, to constantly absorb and offer our customers new opportunities to develop their business and services, while adhering to the standards of MSPA for quality and ethical performance of the service "mystery shopper".

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Perhaps more satisfied citizens

This summer came with a surprise – we were invited to attend a roundtable discussion about the standards for administrative services in the public administration in Bulgaria and to talk about ways to maintain them. Of course, mystery shopper research is the perfect one to help in this initiative. We hope to have the opportunity to work in this area soon to contribute to the improvement of the services we receive from our public administration.

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Almost real-time market screening

In addition to our mystery shoppers all over Bulgaria, our auditors also worked very hard this year - looking for towns and unknown villages, struggling with weather conditions – with cold and snow, with heat or rain, they negotiated with and persuaded managers and shop owners to give them permission for our research, changed tablets and applications, counted millions of bottles, thousands of freezers and refrigerators, searched for menus and advertisements, replaced barcodes. And so, with their help we will end the year with nearly 70 thousand audits.

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Thank you!

We truly thank everyone for their trust – our work will not be possible without our amazing clients, nor so successful without the diligent and conscientious performance of our employees on the field. We wish everyone an even more successful and happy New Year 2020!