• Smiling Report 2017: Ireland ranked 1st at smiles again. Latin America leads in greetings and add-on sales

Smiling Report 2017: Ireland ranked 1st at smiles again. Latin America leads in greetings and add-on sales

Better Business World Wide released its 13th annual edition of the Smiling Report. The report summarizes answers to more than 2 million questions, given by mystery shoppers in 67 countries from Asia, Europe, North and South America during 2016, and evaluating customer experience by three key indicators – “smile”, “greeting” and “add-on sales”.

In 2016, 79% of the customers worldwide received a smile, 81% - a greeting, while only 58% received an add-on sale offer. The 2017 edition of the report shows a decline in smiles and greetings by 4% and 6%, respectively. Despite the low result of add-on sales, the number of offers has actually increased by 2%, compared to the previous year.

For a 3rd consecutive year, Ireland ranked 1st at smiles, despite the 4% drop (100% in 2015 against 96% in 2016). Top 5 of the most smiling countries also features Lithuania, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Austria, which increased its result by nearly 10% (84% in 2015, compared to 93% in 2016).

12 Latin American countries are undisputed leaders in greetings. 100% of the customers in 8 of these 12 countries received a greeting, while visiting a point of sale or customer service.

It’s the Latin Americans again who seem to be the most efficient at add-on sales last year. Between 85 and 99% of the customers in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador received an offer to make an extra purchase.

How did Bulgaria score?

Sales and customer support people in Bulgaria were smiling a bit less, but they greeted their customers more often. Only 50% of the customers in Bulgaria received an add-on sale offer, according to the aggregated data for 2016. Seen against Europe and the world, as the data suggests, the Bulgarian salespeople appeared more smiling, more friendly and did not spare efforts to sale additional items and services.

Client X has been a partner to the initiative on Bulgaria’s side since 2008. In 2016, the company explored the quality of sales and customer support service in 6 key sectors and more than 10 industries, including finance, retail of petroleum products, utilities, telecommunications and other. Data about Bulgaria is based on the answers to almost 44,000 questions.

Details and an analysis of the results of the latest Smiling Report 2017 can be found below:

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