• Anyone can be a mystery shopping, but few take it as a mission

Being a mystery shopper is a mission

We continue sharing how our associates think of their work. Here is what writes Mrs. G. Sh. from Sofia region, a sociologist and mystery shopper in her 4th year with us.

“Being a mystery shopper is a mission.” What a banal statement…

Truth is, anyone can be a mystery shopper. However, only the one who has ever faced the negative and incompetent attitude of a service representative would rather take it as a mission. Yes, the mystery shopper’s goal is fighting against the incompetent representative, who doesn’t deserve that position. It is us all, the customers of a business, who suffer from that incompetence and lack of interest. Haven’t you had enough of being considered just a target or the next intruder; haven’t you had enough of occasions where you look for something specific, but the assistant is even less familiar with it?! Here, this is what the mystery shopping fights against – against the bad and poor, even incapable, service; against the shadow economy and the short-sighted slyness, so entrenched in the average Bulgarian…

Well, if I can fight against all these thanks to my personal qualities and dedicated free time, even not directly, then let this statement sound banal. Being a mystery shopper is more than a mission; it means being part of a well-developed and successful idea!

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