Client X measures the time we spend waiting in queues

In Bulgaria we spend the longest time waiting in banks and the queues for service keep growing. This is the conclusion from all the data collected during research in 24 countries, in which the Bulgarian company Client X participated. The data was announced by the CEO of the Company, Zlatizar Zlatev, and senior researcher Juliana Goranova.

The research was conducted all over Europe by a total of 24 agencies. 1935 “mystery shoppers” participated in the research, which makes it the biggest one yet, explains Juliana Goranova. There are 4-5 companies which offer this service in Bulgaria right now, says Zlatev. He also points out how beneficial the service is for the companies which use it.

Bulgarians rank 4th in Europe according to the time they spend waiting in queues, with an average of 10.53 minutes. This is shown by the Client X data for the country. In Bulgaria, the queues consist, on average, of 4 customers, the same as in Denmark, Romania, Ireland and Hungary. In comparison, in Russia the queues are of 7 people, while in Italy the number is 6.

According to the research, 75% of the customers in Bulgaria were greeted, 54% with a smile and 83%  with eye contact. As the CEO of Client X points out: “The quality of service in Bulgaria is good, but the wait is long.”

You can read the full media coverage here (in Bulgarian).