The mystery shoppers in Sofia rated high the Uber, Taxistars and TaxiMe services

In February 2015, Client X, specialized in marketing research, conducted an independent survey of the three mobile apps for ordering taxies: Taxistars, TaxiMe and Uber. The goal was to assess the user interface of the applications and the quality of the taxi service itself.

The research used the “mystery shopping” methodology which gives valuable information about the quality of the service and the safety levels, by observing pre-set criteria. Three mystery shoppers did a total of 12 rounds in Sofia – three different routes during different time frames. The criteria measured were the price, the time it took the driver to get to the address, the comfort and the safety. In addition, the mystery shoppers shared their personal impressions on the registration process and how easy it was to use the application, what they liked, what disappointed and what surprised them. 

The data collected clearly shows that the taxi services ordered on all three applications were at an excellent level – between 89% and 94% compliance with the pre-set criteria for comfort and safety while travelling around the city. However, some significant differences between the applications were identified. To find out which of them is the best application and under what circumstances, preview the presentation (in Bulgarian).

Enjoy the ride!