Look through the eyes of your customers

Every one of us has had an experience with impolite and unresponsive employees or has had to deal with disloyalty and fraud.
Never mind the causes, the result is always loss of customers, profit and prestige. To avoid situations such as these, one of the methods that has been applied most often lately, to observe and improve the quality of service, is the mystery shopping method.

Mystery shoppers are trained to act like real customers and to evaluate the process of service. Afterwards they complete a detailed and objective report of their impressions. The method improves service quality, modernizes the criteria and increases the profit of the companies who choose to use it.

According to the CEO of one of the leading companies in this sphere – Client X, Mr. Zlatizar Zlatev, the sector is still developing and the competition is growing. The number of companies that offer the mystery shopping method is growing every year.

You can find out more information about this business in Vera Denizova's article in Capital Weekly The manager's agents (in Bulgarian).