What is it like to work with Client X?

Over the last few years „mystery shopping“ has become one of the most popular ways of earning money. Nowadays there are number of agencies, each one of them offering you to join their team. If you are just discovering the world of mystery shopping and exploring all the possibilities, it is difficult to find out which agency is worth working with and whether to choose Client X. At the end of last year, we conducted a survey amongst our mystery shoppers to measure their level of satisfaction and to mark the main challenges concerning our work together. We present you a few short aspects of the survey.

What are our mystery shoppers like?

Our questionnaire has been fulfilled by a total of 520 actively working mystery shoppers. The demographic section shows that the dominant groups are mystery shoppers – women, people of active age and people with higher education. 

40% of all respondents, actively working as mystery shoppers, have started working with us 2 or more than 2 years ago. Most of them have found out about us from an ad online (48%) or from a friend who has recommended us (28%), who has told them about his/her job as a mystery shopper and has highlighted the advantages of our company. And this for us is the best type of advertisement!

How much time does it take?

Just like every other job, to be a mystery shopper demands dedication. We asked our mystery shoppers how much time it takes for them to prepare for their tasks. In most cases the preparation process took them around 15-30 minutes (42%) while the task performance itself took 30-60 minutes (46%).

Do you like to travel?

We offer our people not only close and convenient locations, but often also other cities and towns nearby for their mystery shopper checks. The availability for accepting those tasks is an important characteristic of each mystery shopper’s profile. All agencies make sure they do not skip it and the people who have proven that they can be relied on for a mystery shopper checks with a trip included, are being treated with priority. And alongside work comes the pleasure of traveling and visiting different places in the country. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the majority of our mystery shoppers are glad to accept tasks for other cities and towns (59%). Nearly half of all respondents are available for traveling regardless of the distance (42%). For the previous year, those who have not received an offer for a task with a trip included, form only 13% of all respondents. Committing to tasks demanding traveling can make you a valuable asset to any agency and increases the possibility for more and better paid mystery shopper checks. We hope that new mystery shoppers will also discover this advantage and will be even more involved in our projects.

Is it hard to be a mystery shopper?

For us it is important to know what challenges make our mystery shopper’s job difficult for them and what we can possibly do to help them. Our survey showed that most of the respondents do not face any difficulties regarding the tasks assigned for them (74%). Half of the respondents would like to receive more mystery shopper checks (51%) which we will definitely take into account in the future. Some people have difficulties with the complexity of the questionnaire form they must fulfil and the information they need to remember (22%) as well as the deadlines for the tasks assigned (18%). However, the essence of our work requires the organization and coordination of a number of checks for a short period of time (the standard is no more than 3 weeks for all project activities). And that is the reason why we must set deadlines for our mystery shoppers too. Of course, the more tasks you get involved with, the better mystery shopper you become. Whenever you are facing difficulties completing your tasks, the Client X Team is always ready to cooperate with you. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever necessary and we will make everything possible to help you!

What are the advantages of being a mystery shopper for Client X?

Working as a mystery shopper provides many advantages. Client X works with a large number of mystery shoppers with a diverse profile and from different parts of Bulgaria. Over the years thousands of people has registered as mystery shoppers for Client X with the aim to accept different tasks and being leaded by variety of motives. Undoubtfully, our respondents marked as a number one advantage being able to earn extra money (84%). On the other hand, for 57% of all respondents being able to contribute to the improvement of customer service in Bulgaria is also a motivation. The same group of people likes the ability to participate in intriguing projects, to learn about new products and services and to grow the discipline and knowledge what to demand as customers in real life.

Are our mystery shoppers satisfied?

The results of our survey show unequivocally that 89% of the people are satisfied working with us, as 29% are completely certain in their answer. We are happy to see these numbers – they give us a sign that we are going in the right direction and motivate us to move forward. However, we decided to compare ourselves with our competitors on the market. 29% of the people are working or have been working with other agencies as well. We asked them to share their impressions and to compare their experience working with Client X and with other companies. For each assigned check, a fieldwork specialist contacts the mystery shopper and gives him/her guidelines for completing it. One of the important details is defining a deadline. The impressions of 69% of the people is that those deadlines are not different than the ones other agencies set. Part of the training for every mystery shopper is gaining practical experience in performing real tasks. In order to help people overcome their mistakes and misunderstandings, after each completed check all companies evaluate the mystery shopper’s performance and send him/her reasonable, constructive and motivating feedback. Our results show that 18% of the mystery shoppers consider our feedback better than the one from other agencies and 65% do not find differences in this comparison. The materials which are being sent to the mystery shoppers are also an important part of their preparation for completing their tasks. We asked our mystery shoppers to evaluate a number of characteristics such as a level of comprehensibility, accessibility and last but not least – volume. 20% of all respondents find the materials received from us with better quality than the ones from other agencies, and 66% think they are relatively similar. The opinion of 23% of the mystery shoppers concerning the communication with the team is in our favour compared to the communication with our competitors, while 60% do not find differences in this matter. Every company uses a different platform for filling in mystery shoppers’ questionnaires and reports. Some use modern web services, in which the answers to the questionnaires, comments and evidences are entered directly into a browser through a specially created account. Others demand simply filling in document forms and sending them via email. We asked our mystery shoppers to evaluate different companies’ ways of gathering information. For 40% of the respondents the Client X platform is better than the ones our competitors use, and 44% find them similar.

Would you recommend us?

Of course, there is no existing customer satisfaction survey without this main question. The results of our survey show that 82% of the respondents are satisfied to the extent of willingness to recommend us to their acquaintances. We would like to thank all our mystery shoppers who have worked and continue to work with us! It is a big pleasure for us to be partners with you! Our new research is coming soon!


Images: Client X graph and Woman Sitting in Front of Mac Book Pro from rawpixel.com