• Client X has been certified an Elite Member of MSPA Europe (certificate)

Client X Now Elite Member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA Europe)

We are proud to announce that in February 2017 the Mystery Shopping Providers Association Europe awarded Client X an Elite Member status. We would like to thank all of the companies who trust our services and all of our mystery shoppers who contributed to this distinction through the high quality of their work.


About the initiative

The Active Membership initiative is in its second year and was created with the goal to acknowledge companies contributing towards the promotion of MSPA Europe and the Mystery Shopping industry in general. The special status is certified by fulfilling several objective criteria that prove the active work and constant efforts to improve the service of measuring and managing the quality of service, a deed benefiting all companies that commission marketing research.


Client X as an Elite Member

Client X has been the only Bulgarian agency with the status of Elite Member and is among the top 30 best mystery shopping providers in Europe since the beginning of the initiative. In the first year alone the applicants for the status were more than 200.

The distinction is the result of active participation in MSPA’s projects, regular attendance in the organization’s conferences and trainings abroad, publishing articles related to mystery shopping and customer experience measurement, as well as adherence to the international standards set by the association.

Image credit: MSPA Europe 2016


Member of MSPA for 9 years

Client X has been a member of MSPA since 2008 and every single year the agency is required to prove and demonstrate:

  • experience in the mystery shopping business – Client X has operated for more than 10 years in Bulgaria with ad hoc projects in Macedonia and Croatia;
  • a high reputation among its clients – so far Client X has completed hundreds of projects for more than 90 companies that have trusted its professionalism year after year;
  • adherence to the MSPA Code of Professional Ethics, Code of Professional Standards and the Rules of Ethical Conduct – what is more, as a corporate member of ESOMAR, the world association for market, social and opinion research, Client X puts efforts to fully comply with the ethics when conducting any research and educate mystery shoppers in the required standards;
  • not charging mystery shoppers for signing up and gaining shopping opportunities every applicant may voluntarily provide their data and based on their sociodemographic profile and rated experience receives the same and equal access to new and running projects;
  • transparent company ownership – the information about Client X Ltd is freely available in the public registries;
  • an excellent reputation among other MSPA members – Client X has been a steady and trusted partner of international and regional mystery shopping providers that seek extending coverage of the Bulgarian market.


What the future holds

Client X will receive its certificate and statuette on an official ceremony during the upcoming 18th Annual MSPA Conference in Belgrade (18 – 25 May 2017). We will surely join the conversation about the advances and the international experience in mystery shopping as well as we will discuss what knowledge Client X will bring home and how it will apply it for the business in Bulgaria.