Being a mystery shopper gives me a thrill

We pride ourselves in paying particular attention to the feedback from our mystery shoppers, in supporting them with their tasks and in promoting the purpose and the motivation behind this interesting occupation. Mrs. M.A., a retiree from the Sliven region and a mystery shopper with the agency since 2012, shared the following.

A few years ago you sent an email to me and it was the first time I had ever heard of "mystery shopping". At first, it sounded like a "secret agent". I shared with my brother that I would be working as a "secret agent", he asked whether he had heard me right and I corrected myself. But to this day, when I tell people about it, it remains "secret agent".

It is this mystery which attracted me to sign up through the system and to contribute in the mystery research. Whenever I have to perform a scenario, I would transform and play the role and all this brings me such a pleasure. I have been given a real opportunity to be a different person. This is a great thrill and something that I cannot do easily in real life.

Furthermore, I feel proud that I have contributed to eliminating negatives and increasing the prosperity of the contractor-companies.

I admit that I look forward to receiving new proposals for mystery shopping visits by email and this is such a pleasant challenge!

Thank you!