Mystery shopping tasks for repair shops in automobile dealerships

A view on the service and motivation of the employees

Our client – a world leader in the automobile industry, requested a research within its own network of automobile repair shops in the country in order to check how well the standard procedures of the corporation were being followed and what the success rate of identifying and resolving technical problems was.

The project was conducted as a competition between the dealerships’ repair shops in the whole country. For the visits, the assignor provided automobiles, each with an identical defect. The mystery shoppers had to visit the dealerships with these automobiles.

In order to ensure equality and reliability of the results, the visits were done by a small number of mystery shoppers, only after they had undergone specific personal training. The vehicles were given to the mystery shoppers at the beginning of the project and were returned after all the visits had been completed. The test included a telephone call for making an appointment, as well as a physical visit in the repair shop of the dealership.

The assignor received valuable information about the quality of the customer service, as well as the level of competence of the employees.